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999 - The biggest prize in sport - LP
999 - The biggest prize in sport - LP
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S.I.B. - The third world war - LP 16.00EUR

Melodischer Punkrock mit Sängerin aus Italien 1981.

Swelling Itching Brain All started in the early summer of 1980 when Red, Dirk, Hirschmann and Sidney were still playing in the R.N.A. Transfert, a 6 piece band playing tracks of Iggy Pop, Heartbreakers, Police and such like. At that time Red was bored to keep on playing cover songs so he decided to form a new band. Dirk and Sidney joined him and they decided to name the band RED BRIGADES then started to compose the first tracks that were mainly influenced by the Sex Pistols and early Police. A few weeks later they met Tracy a girlsinger mad for the U.K. Subs and in a couple of days their songs got also lyrics. At the end of the summer Tracy left for 2 month holidays in London and in the meantime SS Hirschmann joined the band too then they changed the name to SWELLING ITCHING BRAINS.. In November Tracy came back home and S.I.B. started playing several great and powerful gigs and just after a performance at the Girasole Club in Ravenna in January '81 LM, a small independent local label offered the band to make an album. Tracy and Co. agreed and on April 8th they entered a small studio in Ravenna to record 12 songs that became THE THIRD WORLD WAR Lp. In the middle of the time employed in recording, S.I.B. gave their beat gig at Forlì on May 27th but just later Dick, Sidney and Hirschmann were very much influenced by the new wave style and Red also got a previsional influence like that so the latest phase of the recordings and mixing gave the sound of the album less power. The same thing happened to the following gigs and at the end of the summer of '81 the first disagreements grow up about the kind of music to play, Sidney, Hirschmann and Dirk were against keeping on playing punk while Tracy and Red (that had come back himself) only wanted to do that kind of music so they looked for some people to form a hardcore band but in the small town and neighbourhood where they live there weren't (and still aren't) punks and S.I.B. were the only alternative then, the best thing was keeping on playing with S.I.B. trying to make a music between punk and new wave. In December '81 the album came out finally but it was a disappointment, the tracks were much softer than the first raw live versions but the product wasn't that bad and it sold very well in Europe, especially after the release of RAW WAR compilation tape by Xcentrix Noise label, featuring two tracks (NO-ONE RULES and SECRET LIFE) from the Lp. In the meantime S.I.B. started practicing lots of new songs but all those ones weren't good enough to bring on stage and at the following gigs S.I.B. just played the same old numbers and few new ones. Personnel: Tracy Crazy - Vocals Red G. Seventeen - Lead Guitar S.S. Hischmann Sidney Ratcatch - Bass Dirk - Drums Tracy Crazy died in August 13th, 2002 because of a bad illness The Situation inside the band became a total bore and after a gig at Cesena on June 28th 1982 Tracy and Red decided to leave definately, then the band get to break up. However S.I.B. get other 10 minute life on September 24th 1983 when all the members of the band met occasionally at a punk gig at Cesena and went on stage to play 3 old numbers.

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