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VA / The vikings are coming - LP
VA / The vikings are coming - LP
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Phantom Rockers - The sharks - LP 16.00EUR

Classic 80's Neo-Rockabilly and Psychobilly from Britain, featuring Steve Whitehouse (who later went on to form Frenzy) and Alan Wilson of Western Star!

"The Sharks were formed in the late 1970's by guitarist Alan Wilson and were initially a 50's style Rockabilly band. A line up change in 1982 brought in Steve Whitehouse on slap bass and Paul 'Hodge' Hodges on drums. Within two weeks the trio had not only written and recorded their first album, but had also signed to Nervous Records - a new label that was spearheading the Neo-Rockabilly movement. Their first release was titled Phantom Rockers (1983) - an album that even now still sells well. This album has been licensed to several other companies and released in many formats including coloured vinyl and CD. Within a few months of the release the band split after a trip to Holland where they were recorded live by KRO radio. Some of these tracks were subsequently released on the Nervous LP First and Last Live."

A1 Moonstomp (Do What You Want) A2 Skeleton Rock A3 It's All Over Now A4 Crazy Maybe A5 Take A Razor To Your Head A6 Death Row A7 Love Bites
B1 Short Shark Shock B2 Ruff Stuff B3 Phantom Rockers B4 Charlie! B5 Slipped Disc B6 I Can't Stop B7 Electrifyin'

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Dienstag, 23. November 2021 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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