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Conflict - It's time to see who's who - LP
Conflict - It's time to see who's who - LP
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Hateful - Noize from the streets - LP 13.00EUR

Scotland’s Hateful open their new album with almost a minute of instrumental introduction. It’s a fitting opening showing their melodic chops and sets up the excellent title track Noize From The Streets and it’s not just the Slade style spelling that these guys have in common with the 1970’s Boot Boys. Bulletproof starts with some Glaswegian brogue before the band launch into an absolute belter of a song – the chorus is one of my favorites of the year with it’s melody and backing vocals encouraging a total sing-along. Just a great song. There’s an element of Cock Sparrer and Sham 69 to Hateful. Tuneful, powerful with a solid dose of Oi! Let’s Go channels The Ramones with the speeded up rock ‘n roll approach. The band seem to have taken the aforementioned power and tune-smithing of Slade, The Sweet and added the punk/Oi flavoring. They have a knack for a hook and they’re good – Empire State Building is three and half minutes of glorious punk rock and Access All Areas ramps up the pace and the anger is taken up a notch. Half way through the album and I am hooked on the hook heavy Hateful (try saying that after a beer or two!) The Art of The State clocks in at almost 8 minutes. Opening with some ambient crowd noise and an acoustic guitar, it comes as a major surprise and reminded me of 2,000,000 voices by the Angelic Upstarts as it builds into a full on anthem with some superb playing throughout. It’s the ‘magnum opus’ of the album and it’s a classic! The surprises keep on coming with excellent ska-infused Caught In The Sound and then Livin’ The Dream catapults you back to three solid minutes of punk power pop. No Time To Waste continues to demonstrate a band at the top of their craft with its strong hooks and clean production. By the time Happy Now is introduced with a plaintive vocal, soon joined by acoustic guitar and backing vocals, I am searching for the back catalog of the group – They really are that good and I can’t believe that I have missed them. As the album progresses, I am reminded more and more of the Angelic Upstarts and the introduction of strings and pipes adds a Celtic feel…the football terrace chant of Happy Now is superb. Before the instrumental Outro that closes the album is the rabble rousing Retribution Rock with its banana splits beginning and the build to a bang on beat that the Dropkicks would be proud of. Hateful have released a truly brilliant album and we heartily recommend you get it as soon as possible.
by: punkonline.co.uk

Side A: 1.Intro 2.Noize from the streets 3.Bulletproof 4.Static 5.Hit and run away 6.Let's Go 7.Empire state building 8.Access all areas Side B: 9.Art of the state 10.Caught in the sound 11.Living the dream 12.No time to waste 13.Happy now 14.Retribution Rock 15. Outro

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Donnerstag, 07. Dezember 2017 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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