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Ejected - Spirit of rebellion - LP
Ejected - Spirit of rebellion - LP
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Noi!se - The real enemy - LP 14.00EUR

Pirates Press Records is coming at you hard and fast with a brand new full-length from Washington based powerhouse, NOi!SE. True to form, “The Real Enemy” is undoubtedly going to be hailed as a timeless (musical) social commentary. Its raucous sound, some equally profound lyrics, and a really spectacular and fitting layout, highlights what NOi!SE is all about. Complete with riveting drums, insane bass lines, great leads, and a true verbal assault, this album reinforces that these guys really have something important to say, and a unique and powerful way to deliver it! Bringing in some friends to help with the assault, the story gets even more colorful; with additional vocals on “SPD” by Gordy Carbone (THE FORGOTTEN/LARS & THE BASTARDS), on “The War Inside” by THE INTERRUPTERS, and on the title track, “The Real Enemy”, by Al Barr (DROPKICK MURPHYS/THE BRUISERS). With so many voices helping NOi!SE sing and scream this new installment of their passionate manifesto, “The Real Enemy” is bound to make waves, and turn heads. While touring full-time is pretty much off the table due to family obligations and Matt Henson’s role in the US Army, NOi!SE is certainly planning to back up this record with as many live shows, in as many places, as possible. Requests have been coming in droves. Plans to bring the assault to both US coasts, as well as Europe are coming together, and likely to surround the release and flow well into 2017. Anyone who’s seen them live knows that this is reason enough to get excited - but just wait until you hear the record! Digital download is included.
TRACK LISTING: A Side 1. Passing Time 2. Take It Back 3. Dull The Pain 4. Progress 5. SPD 6. Sea of Apathy B Side 1. The War Inside 2. Right Through You 3. End Of Days 4. The Show 5. Looking Back 6. The Real Enemy

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Freitag, 11. August 2017 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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